Solar panel Illovo, install a solar geyser and save money now

Solar panel Illovo, install a solar geyser, and save money now.   The cost of living is increasing all the time.  This includes our electricity bills.  You can save money today.

Use solar energy to power up your home.  Watch TV when there is load-shedding.  Have hot water without using electricity.  Use your laptop and wifi router even when there is no power.  All of this is possible with solar panel installation.

A solar system price can vary as it depends on how much you want.  The amount of power you need will determine the solar power you need.

Unlike an electric power system, a solar power system does not cost you monthly bills.

So, contact us now for solar panels for sale and a solar panel price deal that will help you.

Solar panel Illovo
Solar panel Illovo

Simply switch to a solar system with Solar panel Illovo

Simply switch to a solar system with Solar panel Illovo.  It should be noted that a solar system for house may seem expensive.  It is not!  Consider the monthly costs you will save in the future.  Plus, your important work that needs to get done will get done.  Even when there is load-shedding.

If there is one thing we can all agree on is the loss of income during load-shedding.  Businesses need to keep running.  With a solar panel battery, laptops can still run.  The Internet can still work and cell phones can be charged.  This means work keeps going during power failures.

So all you need is our solar company.  We offer free quotations and offer many solutions.  Like, flexible solar panels.

Power up what you need at home or the office.  Inquire about 100 watt solar panel or 300watt solar panel advantages.

Save with us!

Save with us!  Solar panel Illovo offers you an easy handyman service.  This means you can depend on us for more like;

-Geyser fittings and repairs          -Leak detection          -Plumbing

Solar panel Illovo
Solar panel Illovo


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